Nils, why don’t you clean up your own backyard first?

IMG_4090.JPGDon’t you find it a bit rich (the aroma, I mean) to read the comments from Oak Bay mayor Nils Jensen in today’s TC regarding the CRD meeting with provincial minister Peter Fassbender yesterday? I mean, come on, here is someone who represents a municipality that still has no solution to its continued dumping of raw sewage onto the public beaches of Oak Bay (and which is currently two years past its most recent deadline for doing so), and which has not offered up a single site for consideration of a treatment facility, nonetheless insisting the only solution to regional sewage treatment is to build one plant and stick it in Esquimalt.
And the TC, which clearly agrees with him, is only too happy to let him blather on, ignoring the fact that Fassbender justified his intervention by saying that local politicians had become the key roadblock to reaching a sewage agreement. To which one can only add: “Time to look in the mirror, Mayor Jensen.”

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