Our Plan

OpenVictoria.ca is a non-partisan citizen’s organization committed to an accountable and transparent local political process. Our initiatives include public expression, political organizing and the endorsement of candidates in the upcoming 2014 municipal election.

We work to advance greater participation, transparency and accountability in the City of Victoria’s municipal decision-making process. We promote these shifts towards open government within the existing political culture, moving in the direction outlined in the Official Community Plan.

Our programs, initiatives and campaigns promote the following key issues:

  • Transparent, accountable and collaborative municipal governance.
  • Renewed strategies to maintain and improve the City of Victoria’s municipal infrastructure.
  • Local development that benefits all Victoria residents.
  • Increasing the City of Victoria’s financial accountability, transparency and expertise.
  • Drawing on municipal best practices in economic development to strengthen the City of Victoria’s downtown core.
  • Advancing human resources leadership and more efficient forms of municipal staff management.
  • The creation of a believable vision to unite the City of Victoria’s residents.
  • Delivering business focused strategies to generate greater local prosperity.